• Helping People Get TO WORK!

    The Winnebago Catch-A-Ride Program is a volunteer-based service, providing low-cost transportation to get people to and from work.

Get a Ride

For Riders

  • Rides available 24-hours a day, all days of the week
  • Subsidized costs
  • Check this chart to see if you qualify for any other program
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Be a Driver

For Drivers

  • Volunteer from the comfort of your vehicle
  • Select a schedule that works for you
  • Receive mileage reimbursement
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Connect Your Employees to reliable transportation

For Employers

  • Reliable transportation for your employees
  • Assists in hiring and keeping the right talent for your business
  • Create staff engagement and volunteer opportunities
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Our Mission

Winnebago Catch-A-Ride is a workforce development initiative, striving to provide employment transportation services to individuals who do not qualify or have access to existing programs throughout Winnebago County. This program addresses the labor shortage by providing safe, reliable, and affordable employment transportation that will increase an individual’s ability to maintain employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

▽ Do I qualify for Winnebago Catch-A-Ride Services?

  • If your hours of work, home address or work address does not fall within the limits and operational hours of GO Transit, Valley Transit, or any other public transportation, you will qualify for Catch-A-Ride Services. 

  • This program is not meant to duplicate services, but rather fill in the gaps for existing transportation services throughout Winnebago county. Therefore, this service cannot be used in areas or during times when other viable public transportation is readily available. 

▽ Do I qualify for other transportation services in my community?

▽ What is the cost for a rider in this program?

The cost to the rider is $0.25 per mile.

▽ Do I get paid for being a volunteer driver?

Drivers are compensated the 2020 federal mileage reimbursement rate of $0.58 per mile. This compensation is based on fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile and takes into consideration the cost of fuel, maintenance, depreciation, etc.

▽ Do volunteer drivers drive their own vehicle?

Volunteer Drivers WILL operate their own vehicle while administering rides through the program.

▽ What organizations make up the Winnebago Catch-A-Ride Team?

Greater Oshkosh Economic Development Corporation, Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, East Central Regional Planning Commission, and Feonix Mobility Rising.

▽ How is Winnebago Catch-A-Ride funded?

The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and the Department of Transportation provided the original funding for the program through their Commute to Careers Grant. Additional funding was obtained through the Basic Needs Giving Partnership, which is supported by the U.S. Venture Fund for Basic Needs with the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, the J.J. Keller Foundation, Greater Oshkosh United Way, and other community partners.

Our Partners

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